In the news

“An ancient virus may promote addiction in modern people”, the Economist article by Matt Kaplan.

“Drug addicts more likely to have ancient virus in their genome”, Newsweek article by Kashmira Gander.

“Addiction could stem from ancient retrovirus, study suggests”, CNN article by Rob Picheta.

“Evolution is slower than it looks and faster than you think”, Wired article by Carrie Arnold.

“Genetic fossil-hunters dig through HIV’s long history for clues to new treatments”, Stat News article for the Boston Globe by Shayla Love.

Radio interview with Aris Katzourakis by Cathy Edwards at the BBC World Service, which can be heard here.

“How big animals deter cancer”, Scientific American article by Annie Sneed.

“The viruses that made us human”, Nova Next article by Carrie Arnold.

“Larger animals are ‘better’ at eliminating cancer causing viruses from their DNA”, the Independent article by Steve Connor.

“Viruses may explain why small animals are more prone to cancer”, Science news article by Jennifer Carpenter.

“Ancient virus DNA thrives in us”, BBC News article by David Shukman.

“Hunting fossil viruses in human DNA”, New York Times article by Carl Zimmer.

Radio interview with Aris Katzourakis by Norman Swan at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), which can be heard here.

“I, virus: Why you’re only half human”, article in the New Scientist by Frank Ryan.

“Darwin’s surprise”, article in the New Yorker by Michael Specter.

“The island of fossil viruses”, article in Discover Magazine by Carl Zimmer.

“Rabbits shed light on virus's origins”, Science news article by Jon Cohen.